Wonder Patch

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Wonder Patch

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Meterial: Medical Nonwoven
DisposablesSize: 315mm x 198mm
abdomen treatmentpatch
weight loss slim teatment
Easy to attach on your belly and detach after 4-6 hours
8 hours long lasting,
gives you convenience before sleeping
No Preservatives,
no parabens 4 Weeks of exercises and meal controls will help 5 patches


Mymi Wonder Weight Loss Patches are using new method to change the traditional concept of weight loss.it is more convenient and effective to relieve the suffering of reducing weight.has achieved success again in the new trial and has been accepted widely in the worldwide.the biggest problem of weight loss is reducing the fat of abdomen.The slim weight patch helps you overcome it easily and fast.only use one piece of Mymi Wonder Patch daily can acheive your weight loss goals in a short time, it's worthy of giving a try. NATURAL INGREDIENTS All patch ingredients comes from natural herbs and plant extracts. SOPHORICOSIDE (It's Japanese tree extract strong agent for anti-obesity & fat burn). CAPSACI (It's chili extract, destroying cellulite). CAFFEINE (Destroying cellulite and brings body elasticity - Firming Effects). CATECHIN (Preventing body fat). FAR INFRARED AND NEGATIVE ION (Improve body metabolism and blood circulation). No preservatives / No parabens. RISK-FREE EXTERNAL TREATMENT As it is for external use only, there is no risk of side effect. Unlike diet pills, it's totally risk-free and no harmful at all. SKIN FRIENDLY WATER BASE GLUE (Medial Non-woven Disposables) Adopting irritation-free and natural base glue, it is not sticky and enables skin breathe. MSDS Skin Irritation Test by the official lab in NJ, USA PROVEN EFFECTS 'WEIGHT LOSS' The patch will burn the fat and reduces your weight. SIZE REDUCTION EFFECT: Reducing 1~2 inches by regular use for 2 months - Clinically tested ENHANCING METABOLISM Detoxification process helps body improve your body metabolism. Body feels lighter because of fat loss. Approved by FDA TIPS Feel the result in as little as 2 weeks. 8 hours long lasting, giving convenience before sleeping! 4 weeks of exercises and meal controls will help. Mymi Wonder Patch Low body pregnant Sophoricoside, where substances have been patented and has been tested by FDA as substances that could reduce the rate of fat in the body,MYMI Wonder patches are getting a lot of different board certification sertifikat as sertifikat ISO 9000, ISI 14001, FDA body, etc. Until this product is clear peace worn (not disarakan applicable to bumil) and there is no side effects As long as you sleep, MYMI Wonder Patch low body will work for melunturkan fat in your stomach. Mymi Wonder Patch Low body – Benefits Mymi Wonder Patch Low body Burn fat menumpuk Narrow upper thigh, thigh and calves Mymi Wonder Patch Low body Without side effects. Maximal results in only a couple of times application Shape your body becoming more beautiful and more proporsional. Mymi Wonder Patch Low body Mymi Wonder Patch Low body – How to Apply Clean the area who wish to ditempelkan (or sehabis bath), make sure the skin is no cleaning because if moist/wet patch will not nempel. Open the plastic patch in hati2 and slow to prevent some of the constructed one patch is not constructed by sticking patches of others, as if glued hard to split.
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